April's Degustabox mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

This couldn't have come at a better time I'm starving hehehe love this subscription box but this is deffo one of my favs... please check out my youtube for the unboxing video and also the tasting video xx

BoBo Buddies toddler backpack with rein

A good few weeks ago me and little man (Alfie) entered a competition to win one of these amazing backpacks with reins from the company BoBoBuddies.. the competition was through your baby club...

and wooooo hooo we won

 Alfie is 13 months old now and wants to walk everywhere but i find this hard carrying my bag and his snack bag and holding his hand,,, so this came at just the right time,,,, and mums and dads its bloody amazing,,,, its like i having an extra hand.. Mungo the monkey is just one of the Buddies they sell... so this weekend fingers crossed the weather is good and i can take him on a little picnic with Mungo... thanks to the team at BoBobuddies and thanks to your baby club for the competition....

vlog and goodnight Alfie bear

Market haul and a new bag and Alfie is now walking

Aldi and B&M haul

Websters Pages Colour Crush unboxing dark pink planner

Filofax Purple Domino A5 set up

British Weather

Were has the sun gone????? four days ago i went out bought new pegs and put my washing line back up... i also got a little ahead of myself and got a gazebo hehe... well i woke up yesterday the gazebo was at the other end of the garden and wet through,, and i haven't even opened my pegs yet... the rain has returned grrrrrrr... am i the only one that sees the sun and my first thought is ''wow i can get my washing on the line''?? surely not hehe...

so today I've popped the gammon in the slow cooker,, the laundry is in the bloody drier and i plan on taking some time out with my Filofax and starting to read a new book....

one thing i know for sure is that i will not be stepping outside... although i do need to take the gazebo down hehehehe....bah

Poorly Alfie,,, Tired Mummy

Easter weekend and bank holiday fun hmmmmm think not,, my little man was poorly and we had to take him into hospital on Saturday as his temp rocketed to 39.5,,,,, he was also super sleepy and sick... thankfully it was a viral infection and he is on the mend,, so now it it Monday bank holiday and where now celebrating Easter properly,,, Easter eggs, Easter films and books, had hot cross bun for breakfast which were yummy although i picked out all the flies(currents) ewwwww.. hope you all had a great Easter... xx

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I wont say I have suffered with anxiety and depression all my adult life but its certainly played a part of it,,, and the last 2 weeks has been quite hard... I haven't been out alone or got dressed much.. and people say ''get out it will do u good'' but its the getting up and out which is the problem,,, I just want to hide away for a while... so mostly I've done nothing.. I cook I clean I play with Alfie and saffron but that's about it... so i need to hope it passes before the Easter holidays are over as id like to enjoy them... sorry for a crappy post but I haven't done much but iIplan to do a few reviews soon and if anyone would like to give me ideas for blogs or my youtube please feel free xx
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